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Tax Return Preparation

Individual Tax Returns

Flowers Tax Group, offers our clients a seamless, timely, and up to date state and regulatory tax preparation service. We work to find new tax breaks and deductions to save money on each return as well minimizing your tax liability. For individual tax refunds, we offer refund advances up to $6,000 or you can apply and be approved for a refund anticipation loan. All fees for services can be paid through our refund transfer service. We can handle current and previous year taxes.

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Business Tax

Flowers Tax Group offers year-round tax management to small businesses such as, sole proprietors, S Corps, C Corps and LLCs in need of a financial advisor. We assist with keeping your business in compliance, while finding tax savings through tax deductions and credits that you can add to your revenue. Our goal is to maximize your company’s profitability and bring money back to the bottom line.

Audits & Tax Settlements

Audit Representation

We will act as an authorized legal tax representative working on behalf of the taxpayer during an income tax audit or examination. As a legal representative, we will prepare all necessary documents requested, attend the meetings, and answer all correspondence sent by the taxing agency.

IRS Settlements

A tax settlement is an arrangement by the IRS or state taxing authorities that allows a taxpayer to settle an outstanding tax debt for less than the original amount owed. We will negotiate tax settlements on behalf of the client where they can pay less through an arranged payment plan once certain qualifications are met that are set by the IRS. A prime benefit of tax settlements is the aversion of having liens against your property, garnished wages, or bank levy’s.

Tax Planning Guidance

In tax planning, we will analyze your financial plan and decisions from a tax standpoint. We will assure that tax efficiency is achieved through legitimate means according to the tax law so that the benefit of tax is in your favor. The main objectives in tax planning is the reduction in tax liability, the minimization of litigation, productive investments, economic stability and the growth/support of a healthy economy.